Photo by Sam Francis

Photo by Sam Francis


Ursine Vulpine is the moniker of Frederick Lloyd, award winning Composer and Director.

From moments of delicate, understated emotion to massive, visual spectacle, the distinct, cinematic style of Ursine Vulpine has found it’s place alongside some of the biggest films in recent history.

His music has featured on theatrical trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mad Max: Fury Road, Fantastic Four, Captain Phillips and Zero Dark Thirty to name a few, as well as numerous TV spots and teasers for films such as American Sniper, Serena and Creed.

His atmospheric and evocative sound lends itself to the moving image, his soundtrack work extending over a number of award winning short films, including his own short film ‘Pantheon’ and film festival favourite 'Cropped', the call for feature film scores on the horizon.

As a director, Frederick's cinematic, unique and stylistic approach to filmmaking has resulted in multiple award winning works and countless Film Festival appearances across the Globe, including his short film 'Pantheon', the Kerrang! Award winning music video 'Boston Square' for Deaf Havana and his recent 15 minute short for Big Sixes 'The Idles' E.P.

Frederick is currently working on a debut album, set for release Summer 2016 and a whole myriad of film projects coming soon.

Frederick Lloyd is represented for Directing by Kode Media.